Emergency roofing Okotoks and Calgary roofing companies

If you think you’ve got a roofing emergency, Dorsch roofing is here now to assist. Read our emergency situations below to determine what things you can do now to be sure that your individual scenario is handled properly.

Roof Seeping

1) Make sure your roof is, actually, what’s seeping. Stains in your ceiling, water see how to avoid fittings or drainage from the bathroom vent might not always mean your homes roof is seeping. Throughout an average Southern Alberta winter, temps can alter drastically in an exceedingly short time. This sometimes results in rapid melting of ice which has gathered in attics because of poor ventilation, and finally seepage to your home. To evaluate whether your homes roof is definitely seeping, get into your loft having a torch and look at the rooftop deck and vapour barrier underneath the insulation. Search for frost or icicles around the bottom from the roof, or indications of melting like puddles water around the vapour barrier. If these signs can be found, the issue is likely not your homes roof, but improper loft ventilation or insulation.

2) In case your roof is seeping because of bad weather event (eg. wind storm, hail storm, etc.), begin to see the Storm Occasions section below.

3) If you’re sure the rooftop itself is seeping, which is not the effect of a storm event (a treadmill not covered with insurance), give us a call immediately. . Please be aware if there’s been tornados or perhaps a storm event this might be postponed once we cope with numerous roofing problems.


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