Stone Shingles and Gallery of Stones

Slate shingles can also be known to as slate tiles. Slate roofing materials are relatively pricey to put together but sometimes last 80 to 400 years using the standard within the slate used. An essential aspect to slate roofs is using metallic flashing that will last as extended because the slates. Slate shingles might be decline in many decorative designs are available in many colors. Flagstone shingles undoubtedly are a traditional roofing material. Some stone shingles are attached in position however, the majority are simply held by gravity so the roof pitch cannot be too steep or possibly the gems will slide within the roof. Sandstone has in addition been acquainted with make shingles.


Slate roofers guild emblem just as one ornament created using slate roofing materials, Meerbusch, Germany. Note the trendy shingles be a ridge cap.

An average flagstone roof in Kastanitsa, A vacation to a vacation in a holiday in greece.

A dry laid stone roof in Europe