Flashing’s for roofs

VALLEY METAL FLASHING: For longer roof performance, metal valley flashing is essential. Following a ice and water membrane can be used, valley metal is nailed round the edges and tight for the deck. When the shingles are applied, the valley metal might be engrossed in shingles, referred to as a closed valley, or cement placed on the sides as well as the shingles loss of a vertical line parallel for the valley.

CHIMNEY FLASHING: The most frequent chimney flashing includes sheet metal, which is really the only type we install. Once the roof deck is prepared, everyone knows once the chimney needs a partial or full reflashing. We’ll inform you as soon as something such as this can be observed and options will probably be spoken about and various other things that may be concerning.

STEP FLASHINGS: Anywhere the roof meets a house wall this is an dangerous position for possible leaks otherwise done properly. There need to be a measure flashing for every layer of shingle extended enough to overlap over each other by no less than 2”. The shingles overlapping the flashing have to be cut to ensure that they can fit perfect close to the flashing to prevent leaks.

Shingle Installation

Of all of the phases in the roofing process, shingle installation is one which can perform or die the conclusion result. Listed below are the steps we undertake to be sure the shingle system meets and exceeds manufacturer standards of installation.