Fibre Cement and types of plastic shingles for roofing

Fibre (fiber) cement shingles are frequently known by their manufacturer’s title for example eternit or transite. Sometimes the fiber within the cement material was asbestos which has been banned to get a lean body because the eighties. Elimination of asbestos shingles requires extra safeguards and disposal techniques.

Metal shingles

Metal shingles are very fire resistant, so are available in fire prone areas.

Plastic shingles

Plastic was utilized to create imitation slate shingles. They are lightweight instead of fragile but combustible. Also, they’re very lightweight and are the least pricey shingles to possess installed.

Aluminum siding is much more flexible and may withstand extremes of cold and hot temps much better than vinyl siding. Vinyl siding can from time to time crack or perhaps split, where aluminum siding is way less inclined to suffer. Aluminum siding can also be easier recycled than vinyl siding as well as in a fireplace, vinyl siding will melt whereas aluminum siding can withstand high temps.

Cedar plank siding houses have numerous advantages, together with a beautiful exterior, elevated value, environment friendliness, superior insulation and defense against the weather.

Vinyl siding is extremely popular because of its sturdiness, flexibility and easy maintenance. Vinyl siding is produced mainly from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), passing on impact resistance, rigidity and strength. Today, vinyl siding is the main selection of exterior cladding across Canada and also the U.S.. Vinyl siding can be obtained in an array of colors, profiles and trim to help designers, contractors and home owners in designing their designs.

James Hardie Siding consists of fibre cement, thus it doesn’t endure exactly the same amount of expansion and contraction of wood or vinyl siding. Hardie siding may also be personalized with specific performance characteristics in accordance with the weather of your house.