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Dorsch Roofing and Exteriors is a Okotoks based roofing company that caters to the High River areas as well as southern Alberta including Calgary, Okotoks, High River and Chestermere. Dorsch specializes in re-roofing and asphalt shingles, Chris and Tyson combined bring to the table over 20 years overall experience in the industry and no job to small for them to handle.

At Dorsch Roofing Quality always comes first and our goal is for all customers to have an exceptional experience. Our services are not limited to just roofs we also offer soft metal work, fascia, cedar shakes, soffit & fascia as well as a variety of other services.

Our Company Dorsch Roofing & Exteriors is BBB Accredited, Locally owned, Licensed & Insured. Feel free to call us today for a free estimate and we can schedule an appointment that works best for you.

Our High River roofing team is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality materials combined with great workmanship. When it comes to roofing Dorsch roofing can handle any and all jobs. Our team has the knowledge within the industry required in order to provide our customers with the answers to any and all questions they may have. Regardless if it’s roof repair in High River or a re-roof from a hail storm we are here to help.

Commercial Roofing is also another are we specialize in your businesses roof is probably the most important part of your businesses building, Dorsch takes the roofing business seriously. This is why the professional High River Commercial Roofing Contractors at Dorsch Roofing, should be the first call for your high river roofing needs.





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Emergency roofing Okotoks and Calgary roofing companies

If you think you’ve got a roofing emergency, Dorsch roofing is here now to assist. Read our emergency situations below to determine what things you can do now to be sure that your individual scenario is handled properly.

Roof Seeping

1) Make sure your roof is, actually, what’s seeping. Stains in your ceiling, water see how to avoid fittings or drainage from the bathroom vent might not always mean your homes roof is seeping. Throughout an average Southern Alberta winter, temps can alter drastically in an exceedingly short time. This sometimes results in rapid melting of ice which has gathered in attics because of poor ventilation, and finally seepage to your home. To evaluate whether your homes roof is definitely seeping, get into your loft having a torch and look at the rooftop deck and vapour barrier underneath the insulation. Search for frost or icicles around the bottom from the roof, or indications of melting like puddles water around the vapour barrier. If these signs can be found, the issue is likely not your homes roof, but improper loft ventilation or insulation.

2) In case your roof is seeping because of bad weather event (eg. wind storm, hail storm, etc.), begin to see the Storm Occasions section below.

3) If you’re sure the rooftop itself is seeping, which is not the effect of a storm event (a treadmill not covered with insurance), give us a call immediately. . Please be aware if there’s been tornados or perhaps a storm event this might be postponed once we cope with numerous roofing problems.


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Asphalt Shingles & Okotoks Roofing industry

You may be wondering why Asphalt roofing shingles are the primary choice for the modern day home owner. Well asphalt shingles are the primary choice in harsher climates and areas where the exterior of your home requires durability as well as being efficient enough to keep your home cold in summer and warm in winter. In Southern regions of Alberta it is not uncommon to see 60 degrees of weather change through out the 12 month period, summers can get as hot as +30 degrees Celsius and winters as cold as -30 degrees Celsius. Choose the correct product for your lifestyle! Contact Dorsch Roofing today the leaders in the okotoks roofing industry.

To begin with, recommendations that focusing in only one service causes us to experts in delivering that service. We have become this installation process lower with a science. Next, we’re feeling this roofing system exceeds almost every other system because of 3 primary points:

Durability – The device is hermetically water-proofed, preventing any seepage leading to inundating.

Light-weight Material – Lesser load on top structure, making sure structural integrity stays intact as time passes.

Cost-effectiveness – Provides quality protection without needing to burn a dent staying with you!

Listed below are the practices we follow within a shingle roof installation/alternative:

10 Year Warranty – Calgary Roofing Company –

Eliminating asphalt shingles can be a large job, and you’ll be temped simply to lay the completely new roof directly over top of the weathered one. Sometimes, you’re going to get away with this particular, however when your houses roof already has two layers of shingles or perhaps the existing ones will be in seriously bad condition, you will have to strip them off. Only attempt this yourself for individuals who’ve experience concentrating on roofs and you also know how to operate the necessary safety equipment. Regarding the pitch from the roof, this might include harnesses, scaffold or ladder hooks. Position a structure trash bin close to the building. Push the button to make sure that loose singles slide lower the roof and to the bin. Rig a ladder along with your safety equipment that’s right for the rooftop. If you’re not really acquainted with how to accomplish this, use a professional calgary roofing company to eliminate the shingles to suit your needs. Put on heavy work mitts, and make sure there’s nobody on the ground at home who may be hit by flying shingles and nails. For individuals who’ve assistants on the ground, request these to stand apparent.Climb towards the roof getting a shingle scraper. Starting in the height, slide the scraper beneath the top layer of shingles and pry them off. Push them lower the roof to ensure that they come under the rubbish bin.Continue spying off singles, row by row. Work formerly pointed out the shingles so falling pieces aren’t coming toward you. For individuals who’ve assistants on the ground, request these to gradually slowly move the trash bin to follow along with together with you within the roof. Communicate clearly along with your assistants, to ensure that they do not stand beneath the roof when you are scraping shingles. Each time your assistants gradually slowly move the bin, are amiss until they are taken proper care of. Browse the roof for remaining products of shingle and loose roofing nails. Take advantage of the rip claw hammer to eliminate nails holding lower products of shingle, and push the debris in the roof. Hammer lower any remaining adhering out nails. Drive in new nails where necessary to secure loose roof sheathing boards. Come reduced the rooftop. Collect any stray fallen roofing materials and place them within the bin. Haul the old asphalt shingles with a landfill.


Ventilation support for roofing


Once the roof has been stripped of all of its old shingles a check for rot and other problems is put forward and is than prepared, a complete check of all of the work that was completed is done is carried out to find out it includes enough vent holes. Proper ventilation is important, to have the ability to get rid of the excess attic warmth through the summer season and excess water vapor through the winter season. Alberta building codes specifications are adopted accordingly. We provide and install a number of ventilation solutions, includding goose neck vents, attic vents, phoenix vents, ridge ventilation etc. For max durability and greater performance we advise Ventilation Maximum air vents.

Ice and water protection roofing in okotoks

Ice and Water Protection

For defense against ice and water daming, eaves protection or ice and water membrane must be installed not under 3′ within the eave. Areas with severe icing and frequent freeze/thaw cycles, 5′ within the eave or two rows in the membrane are recommended. A layer in the waterproofing membrane can be used underlayment inside the valleys just before the valley metal installation.

Underlayment and Why its important in your Roofing Renovation

The structure code claims that for abs plastic, fiberglass shingles below 8/12 slope, 1 ply from the approved underlayment parallel to eaves within negligence roof deck not already incorporated in ice and water membrane. Rather we cover the entire roof with underlayment, except areas with ice and water membrane. We provide and install a number of synthetic underlayments.

Most roofs have joints and breaks for instance valleys, dormers, fire places, vents etc.. Care ought to be taken to flashing to ensure they are waterproof to avoid leakage at these danger points.

asphalt-saturated thoughtsilicone road together with

non-bitumen manufactured.

The single most important aspect of what is below shingles is underlayment utilized throughout non commercial, steep-slope programs is black, ashphalt-saturated felt paper. Felt underlayment might be produced from either organic or abs plastic substrate, even though the organic is a lot more common. It’s known as “organic” underlayment because it features a cellulose base. Felt underlayment is water-resistant, although not waterproof. It’s obtainable in two thicknesses: 15-pound and 30-pound. 15-pound felt includes a perm rating of approximately 5, even though this number can increase in high-humidity conditions. Twenty-pound felt is much more resistant against damage throughout installing of the rooftop-covering material, and can safeguard the rooftop longer whether it should in some way become uncovered to weather. The main difference is apparent, once you discover them together. Thirty-pound felt is a lot thicker and firmer.With time, volatile compounds within the asphalt will dissipate, and also the underlayment will end up more fragile and moisture-absorbent. This will occur more rapidly when felt is uncovered to warmth. Dorsch Roofing is one of the leading okotoks roofing companies specializing in re-roofs, shingle removal and fascia installation. The origin of warmth might be a hot climate, a specific kind of roof-covering material, or poor roof-structure ventilation. Anywhere felt underlayment is uncovered straight to sunlight, Ultra violet radiation will accelerate its degeneration. These poorly-glued shingles were that come with staples on the home situated inside a high-wind area. Later on, asphalt-saturated felt underlayment will most likely be utilized less and, by 2015, it’ll likely no more be installed whatsoever. Asphalt is essentially the residue remaining from the entire process of refining oil. Because the cost of oil has elevated, refining techniques happen to be developed that extract all the high-quality items in the crude. With less asphalt being created, an allocation program continues to be established that the asphalt created every year is allotted in limited comes down to producers of asphalt shingles and underlayment. Since shingles create a greater profit than underlayment for the quantity of asphalt used, most producers are phasing out asphalt-saturated underlayments in support of synthetic underlayments. Even though they fluctuate with raw material prices, by 2009, prices for felt and artificial underlayments were almost the same

Flashing’s for roofs

VALLEY METAL FLASHING: For longer roof performance, metal valley flashing is essential. Following a ice and water membrane can be used, valley metal is nailed round the edges and tight for the deck. When the shingles are applied, the valley metal might be engrossed in shingles, referred to as a closed valley, or cement placed on the sides as well as the shingles loss of a vertical line parallel for the valley.

CHIMNEY FLASHING: The most frequent chimney flashing includes sheet metal, which is really the only type we install. Once the roof deck is prepared, everyone knows once the chimney needs a partial or full reflashing. We’ll inform you as soon as something such as this can be observed and options will probably be spoken about and various other things that may be concerning.

STEP FLASHINGS: Anywhere the roof meets a house wall this is an dangerous position for possible leaks otherwise done properly. There need to be a measure flashing for every layer of shingle extended enough to overlap over each other by no less than 2”. The shingles overlapping the flashing have to be cut to ensure that they can fit perfect close to the flashing to prevent leaks.

Shingle Installation

Of all of the phases in the roofing process, shingle installation is one which can perform or die the conclusion result. Listed below are the steps we undertake to be sure the shingle system meets and exceeds manufacturer standards of installation.